The 17th iFresh Asia Fruit & Vegetable Industry Expo

October 28 – 30, 2024

Hangzhou International Expo Center

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The iFresh Asia Fruit and Vegetable Industry Expo (Xinjiang)

May 25-27, 2024

Xinjiang International Expo Center

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Who We Are

With agricultural exhibition as the core, iFresh serves the cultivation and industry of fruit and vegetable brands, helps the production and marketing connection, and encourages domestic and overseas fruit and vegetable industry chain to realize the digital enhancement effect. Since its establishment in 2012, iFresh has gathered more than 40,000 channel business resources.

What We Do

iFresh Asia Fruit & Vegetable Industry Expo, as China's leading trade event in the fruit industry chain, has been successfully held for 16 sessions. Through 15 years of accumulation and development, iFresh Asia Fruit and Vegetable Industry Expo has showcased premium fruit products to a total of 1,892,929 professional visitors worldwide. It has also served 6,276 exhibitors from both domestic and international markets. Moreover, more than 21,986 varieties of high-quality fruits and innovative technologies have been displayed on the iFresh Asia Fruit and Vegetable Industry Expo platform. The event has provided services to overseas customers from 50 countries or regions, including Peru, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Turkey, the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Egypt, Ecuador and so on.

Since 2012, iFresh the platform has established and hosted hundreds of national fruit and vegetable exhibitions, domain events and exhibitions, online exhibitions, industrial high-end forums and city promotions such as iFresh Asian Fruit and Vegetable Industry Expo, Asia Quality Fruit Industry Chain Summit, China Kiwi Expo, China Strawberry Brand Conference and China Strawberry Exhibition, China Cherry Exhibition, China Pomegranate Expo, Xinjiang Fruit (Aksu) Fair, Shaanxi Luochuan Apple International Expo, etc.. In terms of that, iFresh has achieve a total of 100 billion output value accurate coordination.

Since establishment in 2012, iFresh has traveled to thousands of production areas in China, gathered 40,000 + channel business resources. According to different production areas, different category characteristics, and the needs of different formats of channel business, iFresh has taken the leading place in developing a fruit industry database which can coordinate production and marketing online directly and it is digitally-driven. The effect of the producing and sales coordination has been improved!

iFresh International Fruit & Vegetable Buyers Union is a powerful global buyers' team organized and established by iFresh. The purpose of establishing the union is to gather global influential buyers and secure a richer supply of Chinese fruits and vegetables for various categories of buyers from different countries and regions.

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iFresh International Fruit & Vegetable Suppliers Union is a union initiated and established by iFresh for overseas suppliers who have the need to develop or expand their market share in China.

iFresh provides sales services for international suppliers through iFresh's consignment sales, ensuring honest transactions and timely payments through the management of the consignment sales process.

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